In addition to producing our collection in limited runs, we also produce for local and international designers. By offering low MOQ’s, we encourage them to produce in small batches, which in turn achieves a more sustainable production process by allowing them to offer presales and make only what is needed using the minimum amount of materials required. By championing small batch production, we reduce the risk of substantial waste and take up less resources in production. We hope to continue working with clients pursuing sustainable fabric and design options to help limit the impacts of apparel production on a global scale.

By designing and producing all styles ourselves in our own atelier, we can guarantee our close-knit team members work under the best possible working conditions, in a clean workspace at proper working hours with fair wages.


With on-site cut and sew manufacturing capabilities, ANASA ATELIER offers apparel development, sampling, and production services for your clothing line or label, providing creative design and development from concept to production to distribution.


Our attention to detail, exceptional quality, and built in quality control practices allow us to quickly produce custom made clothing.

Our services include:

❖ Pattern making and grading

❖ Prototyping and sample production

❖ Small to medium quantity production runs

❖ Design services


At  ANASA ATELIER, people are the fabric of our fashion. Our small yet highly-skilled group of staff has the knowledge to craft almost any fabric into the perfect garment. From the initial sketch to the finished sample, our team will guide you through all the technical necessities of building a garment and transforming your design into a complete product.


With over 30 years of experience, we are extremely confident that we can not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


The heart of our business is demonstrating an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, maintaining a safe work environment, and providing a living wage that will not only cultivate opportunity, but also inspire growth.


The Anasa Atelier is conveniently located in Karen, Nairobi.

Normal Business Hours

Monday-Friday 9AM -5:30 PM
+254 -795-110335