Social + Environmental Impact

We are driven by the desire to live and design from a place of intention, which we achieve by putting sustainability and ethical practices at the forefront of our business.


Our commitment as a sustainable fashion brand ensures that we produce clothes with an emphasis on craftmanship and longevity – which is in line with our belief in a “less is more” approach. By championing small batch production, we reduce the risk of substantial waste and take up less resources in production.


We consider sustainable materials integral in our brand’s product standards and have chosen to source our custom-printed silk fabric from a New York based textile factory that uses only non-toxic dyes, and water that is reused and recycled by a dual filtration system to help preserve the environment. Our current collection also employs traditional artisan skills such as handweaving, where we have partnered with local artisans whose weaving processes are eco-friendly, using non-toxic, low-impact dyes and water-conserving washes to make the final product. We have gone a step further and paired our eco-friendly clothes with equally eco-friendly packaging.


Establishing ANASA Atelier in Nairobi, Kenya has also enabled us to guarantee our close-knit team members work under the best possible conditions, in a clean workspace at proper working hours with fair wages. There’s a beauty to knowing the individual people who make our clothes, knowing they are happy, well-paid and enjoying their work. This is important to us because we believe that the positive energy that goes into the production of our garments is what makes them so beautiful.